Sunday, January 22, 2017


Walking home and cutting through the campus of my almamater and taking a rest break at Heart House.

Today was an odd day in terms of me sketching in public. Normally, I'm the ninja/covert/under-the-radar kind of sketcher in public, but when I dropped in to the All That Jazz Cafe, there was no where to hide, especially when Brent and Carl showed up to play an afternoon session of jazz. So I went ahead and sketched. Afterwards, Carl (the guitarist) came up to me and asked what Iwas doing. I showed him my drawing and he took it from there. He's a natural salesperson and started showing everyone in the cafe. If you know me, this is not my style, but I have to take lessons from this man. He's a natural born people person and self promoter. I've been guilty of not promoting my work in the past but after seeing this man operate, he's inspired me.
I even got them to sign my drawing.

Carl and myself outside of the All That Jazz Cafe in Roncesvalle. (Carl's idea) 

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