Monday, March 18, 2013

Portrait Party, part deux

I hosted another portrait party tonight and I had two friends come over. Great fun had again.
Marc showing his final drawing of me.

Karoliina's final painting of Marc.

Marc deep in concentration while drawing me.

My drawing of Karoliina.

Karoliina painting me.

Karoliina showing her final painting of me.

My painting of Marc.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Portrait Party

I invited an artist friend over to do some sketching. We modeled for each other and it turned out to be an awesome night of drawing and food.

My take on my friend.

My blind contour drawing of my friend, who is so amazing at this style.

My friend's take of me,

My favourite drawing of her's of me.

My friend's take using a tighter drawing style, not a blind contour.

Stan the Man

Another trip up to my dad's place and that means it's "Stan the Man" time. It's always challenging to sketch my father, but he's always a good sport and doesn't move that often while he watches tv. Thanks, dad.