Friday, October 30, 2015


Some post work sketching at the Bloor Gladstone Library.

I have a pattern of sketching in public, especially when I sketch people. It starts with trying to be inconspicuous and as the drawing progresses, the quick peek turns into a longer look, without trying to be inconspicuous... Then when I'm really in the groove, it's a full on, open stare.

Sunday, October 25, 2015


Coffee at Tim Hortons. When I did this sketch of a homeless man, I felt quite conflicted. Normally, it's drawings of other customers. But he was not one, and he chose to take a nap at the table across from me. It felt like Iw as taking advantage of him.

Visiting my sister and her family in Milton. Her husband is a gamer and when he's on his laptop, he makes for a perfect model.

I returned to the Bloor Gladstone Library to do some sketching.It's getting cooler outside, so you'll be seeing more of these library sketches in the future.

Monday, October 05, 2015


I visited Kelowna B.C. this past weekend and on my first day there, it was wet, cold and grey. The perfect conditions to do what I like best to do when I have a sketchbook in hand. I hit the local coffee shop.

Some random people I drew on my way to the airport.

The Smudge, a progress shot

I have been working off and on on this piece for the last half year. Working on this piece has raised a lot of issue s for me. First do I want my paintings to be so tight? If not how do I break away from my natural tendency to paint exactly what I see from my photo references? So, the happy accident of the smudge in a sense liberated me a bit. I chose to smudge the entire painting. It might not seem through the image that I smudged it at all but it was a big, terrifying step for me to even do what I did.

I think I'm onto something new. Or maybe not. Stay tuned for the next step.