Sunday, January 22, 2017


Walking home and cutting through the campus of my almamater and taking a rest break at Heart House.

Today was an odd day in terms of me sketching in public. Normally, I'm the ninja/covert/under-the-radar kind of sketcher in public, but when I dropped in to the All That Jazz Cafe, there was no where to hide, especially when Brent and Carl showed up to play an afternoon session of jazz. So I went ahead and sketched. Afterwards, Carl (the guitarist) came up to me and asked what Iwas doing. I showed him my drawing and he took it from there. He's a natural salesperson and started showing everyone in the cafe. If you know me, this is not my style, but I have to take lessons from this man. He's a natural born people person and self promoter. I've been guilty of not promoting my work in the past but after seeing this man operate, he's inspired me.
I even got them to sign my drawing.

Carl and myself outside of the All That Jazz Cafe in Roncesvalle. (Carl's idea) 

Friday, January 20, 2017


What turned out to be an attempt to sketch more often has turned into an attempt to sketch every day this month. Trying to do more art every day and make a jump in my art practice, be it in technique, subject matter and mind set.

Thursday, January 05, 2017


I've heard of a saying where the more messy a person is the more creative they are… or at least, I console myself with this idea.

One half of where the magic happens… or as many other people call it, a messy table. This place also doubles as my living room, dining room, entertainment area, and if need be, a place where a person could crash.

The other half of where the magic happens. Yes, I'd like to think I have aminimalistic design sensibility.