Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Smudge

Painting is still a painful process for me. A case in point. I've been working on a portrait this afternoon and the only redeeming part about it is this smudge. A smudge that was created, as Bob Ross, would say, by "a happy accident".

The battle continues.

Monday, September 14, 2015

QWAC 2015

Like the start of school in September, my involvement in the Queen West Art Crawl art show in Trinity Bellwoods Park, is another indication that another year is drawing to a close.

It was a grey, cold and wet weekend, marked by a few highlights. One of which was to finally meet a fellow Toronto urban sketcher and to find out yet another one was showing her wares a few booths down from me.

 My new body of work. 21 6x8 in. up close and personal portraits of friends.

 The 21 portraits hung in my tent waiting to be bought (and btw, are still available for purchase if interested. Please email me directly.)

 The sumos. Maybe I'll do a few more since I had so much fun painting them. Stay tuned.

 Bumping into a Facebook urban sketcher friend who I've never met before and excited to see yet another urban sketcher showing her stuff at the same show a few booths down from me.

My best imitation of jazz hands in my tent.

Sunday, September 13, 2015


My first urban sketch in a while. This is the scene in front of my tent at the QWAC show. (who doesn't like a drawing of porta potties!)

Trinity Bellwoods park

Tuesday, September 08, 2015


oil on masonite. 6x8in.

Or as I like to call her, "Iron Woman Tendokai".

I haven't had a chance to ask her what makes her happy, but I suspect one of things and from the glint I see in her eyes, is her beating the crap out of me when we practice together.

This also is my last 6x8 before the QWAC show. I was aiming for 30, but ended with 21 paintings. Not bad.