Monday, March 28, 2011

sketchbook 03/28/11

One of the benefits of sketching people in public and letting them know you're sketching them is meeting them...getting to know hem a bit. Megan was today's subject of my Starbucks' hotseat image. She was a real trooper and didn't move all that much because she was studying for her LSAT's ;). I also found out that she and her husband just moved to Toronto and have been here for only 2 months… not the most glamorous time to move to Toronto, but Megan and husband welcome to Toronto. It gets better in the summer, I swear.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

sketchbook 03/20/11

I have to apologize to Leilani. I drew her quite a few days ago and I promised I would upload to my blog that night after work. It totally slipped my mind until today when I made another promise to another customer I sketched below. Sorry Leilani, but here it is.

Here's the hot seat customer I sketched today. Cheryl is her name. A project manager by day and an aspiring writer by night, or in this case afternoon (bad father joke, but I like 'em a lot). She said my drawing made her look angry. I'd like to think of her expression as intense concentration... a look that she bares while writing the next Canadian classic.
Cheryl if you need an illustrator for any of your stories, give me a shout!

I've also noticed that I tend to get a likeliness with some, but others, I miss the mark entirely. Don't know why that is, but it was in this case. Nailed Leilani but Cheryl was a difficult model to capture accurately on paper. The quest continues.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Globe and Mail illustration

Well I finally have my first paying gig as an illustrator/artist. It was a last minute call for an image of a wedding cake that would go with an article about William and Kate's possible wedding cakes. It appears in The Globe and Mail, Canada's national paper, no less! I'm pretty stoked about it, but what really frustrated me was the missing credit in the print edition. However, my name appears in in the online version after my contact spoke to the online editor. So here is a capture of the online version (with the credit)

A special thanks to Michael Barker for passing my name to the people who needed this image.

Here's a link to the live article. I'm cake #7

sketchbook 03/16/11

Saturday, March 12, 2011

3x3 apples

Just finished my 2 sets of 3x3 apples. My original intention after finishing the larger piece was to do these guys to hang at the Starbucks where I work.

When I finished the blue piece I was apprehensive about the numbering system I used and I still am. Any thoughts on that from the blogosphere?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

sketchbook 03/10/11

Sam, a Starbucks customer and good sport for posing twice for me during my Starbucks breaks... thanks, Sam.