Saturday, March 12, 2011

3x3 apples

Just finished my 2 sets of 3x3 apples. My original intention after finishing the larger piece was to do these guys to hang at the Starbucks where I work.

When I finished the blue piece I was apprehensive about the numbering system I used and I still am. Any thoughts on that from the blogosphere?


Dan Kent said...

No thoughts. It is great - just as it is.

Felicity said...

The apple a day idea is inspired -glad you are feeling better now Wil! I have no thoughts either, sorry! I wonder what it is about the system that is making you feel that way? I think viewers will assume that is how the artist intended it to look, it has a meaning to him, and will interpret it in their own way.

Leslie Hawes said...

Love love love it.
9 being a 'magic' number, it adds a bit of something. Leave it.

Wilfred said...

Dan-- thanks.
Felicity-- thanks for the words of encouragement. That's how I originally saw the numbering system, but when I actually painted them on they looked cruder than I wanted them to be.
Leslie-- "9", a magic number, really? Glad you commented on it. I learned something new today!

Peter Bangs said...

numbering system works great in the painting. That kind of tallying system is just evocative of so many things.