Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Globe and Mail illustration

Well I finally have my first paying gig as an illustrator/artist. It was a last minute call for an image of a wedding cake that would go with an article about William and Kate's possible wedding cakes. It appears in The Globe and Mail, Canada's national paper, no less! I'm pretty stoked about it, but what really frustrated me was the missing credit in the print edition. However, my name appears in in the online version after my contact spoke to the online editor. So here is a capture of the online version (with the credit)

A special thanks to Michael Barker for passing my name to the people who needed this image.

Here's a link to the live article. I'm cake #7


darknlovely said...

I am thrilled!!!!!

Carolina said...

It's reallly great news!!! Congratulations Wil!!!

Dan Kent said...

WOW - You are moving on! Great depiction - lively and lots of fun! I would want to read the article when seeing that picture. Re the credits, I am not sure, but I suspect that illustrators get no respect. Congratulations!

Wilfred said...

Carolina & Ana-- thanks.
Dan--hopefully this will get my name and work out there. I'm in a bit of a dilemma right now. I like the fact that as an illustrator my work is seen immediately by a very broad audience. While as an artist, my work will definitely be seen by a smaller crowd but I get to do what I want to do as opposed to being told what to do by a client or art director. The dilemma continues. ;)