Wednesday, December 24, 2008

IF: voices

This week's submission for Illustration Friday.

I had three objectives for this drawing. The first being to fulfill the Illustration Friday theme. Second to do a self portrait, because I'm really not good at drawing portraits. (You could see some sketches of self portraits I did in my sketchbook here). Third, to integrate my my pencil drawing with Photoshop rendering techniques. (Not too sure it went smoothly).


joseph's art and stuff said...

This is a great sketch/self-portrait. I've never messed with photoshop, looks like it worked. Happy Holidays.

UIRU said...

Thanks Joseph.
I'm still at the stage where I don't exactly look like myself on paper as I do in real life and that's frustrating as hell.

By the by, your moleskine drawings are beautiful. And happy holidays in return.

carla said...

It looks like you did well on all objectives! I like the combination of the realistic pencil work and the touches color and cloudy shapes with ps. Very cool!

studio lolo said...

really wonderful linework! I've never used PS myself...not a digital gal, but I love what you've done here.

UIRU said...

Thanks for the comments Lolo. Still trying to figure out what my "style" is, so I'm trying to work with different mediums for each IF theme.

Sara said...

In my opinion it looks quite smooth, the "voices" kinda looks like pastel actually.

I like it :)