Tuesday, January 06, 2009

sketchbook 1/6/09 - blog worthy?

I actually did this sketch yesterday at the local Starbucks. Since it's winter, I find that sketching in coffee houses are the ideal location to capture people in all sorts of poses. Unfortunately, at times, I forget that this is not a figure drawing class and my "subjects" move because, well... they aren't models and some of them have to scratch their noses when it itches.

The other thing about this particular sketch was it's "blog worthiness". I originally didn't want to post it because it didn't meet some standard that I had imposed on myself, but then I read Lynn Chapman's post and it reminded me that this is a sketchbook and not some final piece and being not so precise is an OK thing to be. So alas, here it is.

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Felicity said...

You do have very high standards, this is certainly blogworthy! You have a great style, good to find your blog!