Saturday, February 07, 2009

sketchbook 02/07/09

Every time I go to the museum I have the intention of doing quick sketches to loosen up. But as it happens so many times, I'm afflicted with "detailitis". I start off with the quick outline and then I realize that this or that needs a bit of shading or a bit more definition. And before I know it I've spent an hour on something that should have taken 5 minutes. This, I'm afraid is something that's been with me since university.

As I continue to draw in my sketch book, a reoccurring thought that I've read from some where comes into my mind: Get the 1000 junk sketches out of my system so I could get to the good one. I'm not saying that my sketches have been junk, because for the most part, I've been happy with what I've produced but I'm still struggling with that elusive "style". So here are a few more pages out of the way and hopefully when I reach the 1000th image I'll have arrived at a place I'm happy with.


Felicity said...

What is actually wrong with details and who said a drawing 'should' take 5 mins? Maybe it's all the 5 minute drawings that make up the junk numbers before the details and time make the good one...??? Just a thought! Because I love your style and you DO have one! :) I love the faces and the different angles here.

UIRU said...

Thanks Felicity. I guess my "frustration" arises when I see how much time I spend and the end quantity. But I continue to chug on and thank you so much for your continued comments.