Sunday, February 08, 2009

sketchbook 02/08/09

I'm happy today. My bread starter is bubbling and my sponge is rising! Hopefully I'll have some sourdough bread for tomorrow!

Update: Bread came out blah. Too flat and I forgot the salt. Baking on…


Felicity said...

Homemade bread, wow, that's going to feel like an achievement - hope it turned out nice! I like the connection between the cows and the kitchen. We have cows near here and they seem to be in the field for just one day a year - when I go back with the sketchbook they are gone!

I love the simplicity and the colours of Sir Charles too.

UIRU said...

Unfortunately, being born, raised and still living in the city, my access to cows come in two forms: the internet or wrapped in plastic at the grocery. I'll have to visit the zoo or take a ride into the country side to see some live ones!

Awaiting your next image with much anticipation.

ellis.illus said...

it's always rewarding to come visit your blog: i love every single piece - but i admit the cows are real nice ;-)

re. bread baking you might want to check out - it's a blog i have found via my swiss friend lamiacucina and i consult it frequently (though bread baking is still full of mysteries to me *g*)


Genine said...

I just found your blog and am glad I did!! Really enjoy your work and look forward to seeing more.