Saturday, March 28, 2009


I had an idea which started with my drawing the griffin for an Illustration Friday submission a few weeks back, and that was to draw other "legendary" creatures. So this got me started with the centaur, which happens to be my birth sign.

I didn't stop at the first one (left image) but drew a few more just to see where it would lead me. I guess one of the objectives with these drawings was to try to duplicate the energy and looseness I have in my sketchbook and do it in the context of a "final piece". Not really succeeding yet, but I like the feel of the last one: not cartoony but not high realism either. Still chugging on.

Question: Do your "finished pieces" look and feel anything like your sketchbook images?

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Ester Wilson said...

u know...I've been battling that for many years, and have finally come to the understanding that the book format is what i love...the idea that if this page isn't perfect it's ok, because in the end it's the whole unity of the book that makes it good. I think that is what keeps me loose and unconcerned about perfection in my sketchbooks...keeps me able to play. The word 'final' in itself shuts me down even.

But I would really love to hear other people's perspective on how they work it all out too. I hope it works for you.