Sunday, March 22, 2009

sketchbook: 22/03/09


Felicity said...

Amazing figure studies - I'd need people to stop and pose to get anything on paper!;)

UIRU said...

Thanks for the comments, Felicity… always appreciate it coming from you.

Noora said...

Those really are figure studies worth watching. Amazing details and dimensions, but still looking so easy to do.

I just have to ask, 'cause im just beginner on real-life drawings, that do you ask permission from the people? Don't they get upset when they notice you're drawing them?

Most of the people i have drawn has just turn around and stare at me with very angry look.

I'd love to hear that!
I love to watch your works. Keep that up. <3

UIRU said...

Hi Noora,
When I do sketch in public, I'm pretty inconspicuous. Sometimes i'll place my book behind my back pack and sketch. When the subjects do notice me they, for the most part, just ignore me and keep doing what they've been doing, which is a good thing. Other times they might be curious and come up to me to see what's so interesting.
However, I've had one gentleman who actually got up and walked to somewhere else because he didn't want to be sketched... what can you do, really, but just smile and move on to the next person.

so i hope this helps and encourages you to just get out there and sketch people. good luck!!!