Friday, April 24, 2009


I've been in a sketching funk lately. I've been forcing myself to sketch everyday to try to break through this wall... Sketching in my smaller book seems to help. I think one part of it was the pressure to fill an entire spread with "quality" images in my larger sketchbook. The battle continues.


raena said...

I have a difficult time using sketchbooks at all. I have loads of them. I keep buying new ones thinking maybe it's just the paper, or the format. But mostly, I think it is just the pressure of filling with "quality" sketches! I haven't overcome this yet, so most of my drawings get done on loose sheets. Maybe one day I'll bind them into a book!

I love your sketches by the way. I cannot tell that you struggle with quality in the least!

Ester Wilson said...

maybe quality makes you lose sight of why you draw in the first place. Gotta be having fun before quality shows up...quality is just an after thought of your good time with the pencil :) It happens in spite of you, if you are drawing with honest intentions and really enjoying what you are doing.