Friday, June 19, 2009

Sketchbook-- 19/06/09

It's been while since I posted. I've been neck deep in a graphic gig that has kept me away from my sketching and today was the first day i had in about a week and a half to get out and get some serious sketch time in. Ironically I went indoors to the Royal Ontario Museum to sketch some Samurai helmets. I've been eying these guys for a while and fortunately the foot traffic wasn't too bad.
As I was sitting there, I saw so many people just zoom by with their cameras, clicking away from one display case to another, not really paying attention to what they were shooting. Just found that funny.


PatchworkGirl said...

I'v missed your sketches and I'm not dissapointed with this one :)
I know what you mean about people not looking at things in detail. I'v just finished a project on my local park at college, I'v lived next to this park my whole life but I learnt more about and noticed far more in 2 months of studying it than I have in almost 20 years of living near it. It's totally taught me to look at the detail in everything now.

Felicity said...

Wonderful sketch and these make fascinating subjects! Yes, I think there is a temptation with the camera to keep snapping and not actually see anything.

Andrea Longhi said...

great sketches :)
cheers from Italy

Carolina said...

Amazing sketch, one of my favorites.
Regards :)