Monday, July 27, 2009

Sketchbook 27/07/09

The Linda Lou. A mega yacht from the Cayman Islands. My intention was to sketch something else entirely today, but on my way there, I spotted this Goliath. Now who could turn down sketching a "mega yacht" (This is what one of the crew hands called this boat). While I was sketching this really glamorous woman entered and exited the boat twice. On her second return trip she was carrying a large shopping bag. I hope they didn't come all the way to Toronto just for the shopping! But if you could afford a yacht this size, heck! why not travel to another country just for the shopping!


Carolina said...

Good question... ;o)

You have impressed me with this boat, you definitely transmit the huge dimensions it has, excellent!

And wanted to say thank you for following, It's an honor for me to have you there :)

Best regards,

Wil said...

Thanks, Carolina.