Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sketchbook 12/08/09

Another day at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). So many things to sketch there and I decided to sketch in the biodiversity gallery. This boy can't pass up sketching a bunch of sharks and bugs!

While I was finishing up this sketch, a group of young kids (approx. 6-7yrs. old) sat literally at my feet. From what I gather from the talk made by the group leader on all things shark and bugs, this was a kind of science group and the quote was said by the group leader/lecturer when she handed out some shark skins, a dinosaur tooth and other items for the kids to touch. Two things really stood out in my mind about this encounter: the group leader was super patient with the kids, especially one know-it-all. And the other was the quote illustrated. Her form of address and tone made me think of Mark Antony's famous opening line in Julius Ceasar: Friends, Romans, countrymen….

(The drawing was cropped on the left side because my scanner is too small.)

I did this drawing after the biodiversity drawing. I was feeling a bit like I was colouring by numbers with the first piece and for this one, I just painted. I left my micron pen in my bag. It was fitting for this series of figures because they had so many subtle shadows that a micron pen would never be able to convey (or at least I wouldn't be able to convey it).

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Carolina said...

Great post Wil, love the children's anecdote, that explains most everything about the phrase on the sketch (I had no clue what it meant until I read the whole post :)

Best regards,