Friday, August 14, 2009

sketchbook 14/08/09

Ok, it's official, i suffered a bit of museum burnout. I think going there 4 straight days is enough for the immediate future. However, I got to know one security guard a bit and we chatted about his art, my art and life in general. That's another facet of sketching in public I enjoy, and that's the interaction with people.

So I rejigged my thinking and instead of jumping into a piece that had a more finished feel, I chose to warm up with a quicky sketch and then just progressed down the line of images.

I chose to revisit the ASain wing and sketch it from another angle. I find drawing spaces repeatedly from different angles makes me understand it better and fill in things that I missed previously. I also had the objective of drawing in people. My one problem is that they keep on moving and so a quick, base watercolour gesture was drawn in and the details added after I was happy with the gesture.

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Ester Wilson said...

love how you left the people watercolored without the pen lines...makes them seem ephemeral in there...about to leave at any moment.