Tuesday, September 01, 2009

sketchbook 01/09/09

I had no intention to sketch two forms of transportation, but they were the most interesting things I saw today.


Carolina said...

Hi Wil!
I've been absent from cyber-space lately, and have been missing a lot!
I like these vehicle series of yours :) (the last five sketches include one of them, except for the one with Setsuko), and have to admit that the two-wheeled are my favorite ones...
Best regards,

Wil said...

Hi Carolina, nice to hear from you again!
I never did intend to do a series of vehicles and I just noticed it when you mentioned it.
Funny. Thanks again for stopping by.

raena said...

Hi Wil! These are great! I'm wondering, is this the normal amount of shading you do in pen, before adding watercolor? (selfishly looking to improve my technique!!)


Wil said...

Hi Raena,
No worries about the question. Isn't that what this is all about?
The top image, drawn with micron pen, is about the right amount of shading before I do watercolour. But for that image, I wanted to leave it black and white, and looking at it now, I should have added more shading.
The bottom image is done in black pen, and typically when I draw in pen, I rarely watercolour. I find the pen elicits another way of drawing from me...i.e. more subtle gradations of shading, which I guess, replaces the colour effect.

Does that make any sense?

raena said...

Loads of sense! Thank you!

Dan Kent said...

Thanks Wil, I am trying to learn from you too (on the sly..) ;)

Wil said...

No worries about it. We're here to help each other out, no?!