Wednesday, September 30, 2009

sketchbook 30/09/09

I took advantage of a free pass I got for the Bata Show Museum. I wasn't too sure what to expect, but I was really drawn to the native Indian footwear exhibit. The last time I spent this much time looking at shoes was when I was 10 (I think) when my mom had to get a new pair for a wedding… fortunately I didn't throw a fit this time.

As a side note the Bata Shoe Museum was designed by Moriyama Architects, a Toronto based firm. It's really an eye opener of a building. I've passed by it several times, but this was my first time going into it. The concept for the building was basing it on a shoe box (makes sense, right) with a lot of skewed cuts and angled walls to accommodate the programmatic aspects of a building.


Carolina said...

I love these shoe sketches, they're completely different from what I'm used to see on your blog... you have included a lot of detail and information, it's an informed pleasure to look at it :)
Best regards,

Kuanyin said...

Beautiful! I wish I had that talent!

Wil said...

Carolina, thanks. I had intended to sketh the space, but found it a bit boring. MAybe that was a sign to ACTUALLY make something interesting on paper.

Kuanyin. As my university prof. said to me. "drawing is just practice". So all these entries are just practice. You could o it, too.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Ooooooh, this is fab!