Friday, October 02, 2009

Joy Eliuk--Potter/Ceramic artist

I had the opportunity today to sketch Joy Eliuk, a really talented potter/ceramic artist. I went to visit her in her home studio and wedged myself into a corner while she cleaned up a few cups. Not only was she a great model, but we had a really good time talking. I found out that before she decided to take her pottery on as a full time career she was an interior designer. Her design sensibility certainly comes through her work. She also was really generous with her time and knowledge about pottery, but most of it escapes me now. (Sorry Joy.)

As a side note, drawing Joy today made me confront two of my weakest areas as a drafts person. The first being facial resemblance. This image of her does not resemble her at all, and I promised her that I would set the matter straight and tell the blogasphere that her nose is not that big! (It's a really nice nose in reality). Second, I hate drawing circles in perspective. I get uptight about it and that screws it up even more.

But here it is, and I'd like to thank Joy once again for letting me in her studio and being so generous with her time and knowledge.

So if you're interested at all in throwing clay and will be in Toronto, she holds classes and you should contact her through the above link.


raena said...

I was only away from my computer for a few days and look how much I've missed!! I'm commenting on this one because of the group it is my favorite. They are all good though.

Kat said...

I agree with raena! this one is great! I love the perspective! Do you go straight into pen in these types of sketches? or do you map out the perspective in pencil first?

Wil said...

Raena,Kat, thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment.

Kat, these pen drawings are usually done directly in pen… the artsy reason is because I'd like to capture the moment instantly and not loose the energy that the subject is putting out by tracing over a pencil out line, if I did go that route. The really reason, is just laziness. I really don't want to go over a drawing in pen again.

Kat said...

Wow that makes these even more impressive then! I have a hard time just drawing perspective in pen straight off the bat and making it look accurate! I hear ya with keeping the energy though. I hate that 'traced' look you can get when going over a drawing again. Guess I better get practising! :D