Tuesday, October 06, 2009

sketchbook 06/10/09

Today I went to the Ontario Science Centre. I think The last time I went there was about 25 years ago (I kid you not).

So many things have changed in terms of new exhibition wings and the introduction of an IMAX theatre. However, like a salmon returning to spawn, I returned to the things I knew as a kid. That meant the large electric ball, for lack of a better term. Essentially a participant places their hand on the ball and shakes their head up and down until their hair stands on end.

I sat in on the first show and Doris was our host who enlightened me and 5 students who came on a field trip. She did a great job since it was a really tough crowd and by the end of it, she really got the kids going with her show and passed on a bit of knowledge about electricity.

Another point of interest was the Amateur Radio "shack" located on one of the stair landings. It was manned by two volunteers, Bill Thomson (depicted in the drawing) and Peter Dederer. The "shack" that they manned looked like a modified orange trailer with a window cut out from its side. This I thought was a perfect frame for my drawing.

A little about Amateur radio. Each Amateur Radio operator has a call sign and the Ontario Science Centre's sign is VE30SC. Radio frequencies are allotted world-wide by international agreement and several bands of frequency are designated for amateur use. Speaking to Peter, one of his joys of being a ham radio operator is connecting up with people from all over the world from different avenues of life. Image talking to a Prince in the United Emirate or a truck driver in Spokane (I guess the former would be unlikely, but I could definitely image talking to a truck driver in Spokane). So who needs facebook! just pick up a ham radio set and you're all set!

In addition, Peter gave me a go at tapping out a bit of Morse Code. Tapped out my name but I held the first letter a bit too long and Peter thought my name was "Til". Gotta work on my Morse Code.

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I just want to say that I really love this blog and watching your travels in TO.