Wednesday, October 28, 2009

sketchbook 28/10/09

After completing the previous two spreads by fill hem entirely, this spread really feels unfinished and naked.


Dan Kent said...

No it looks solitary and peaceful. You are so prolific that I am way behind and just looked at your last 4 posts. I think every single one is great! I cannot wait until the day when my life-people drawings are as good as yours. I think your illustrations very clearly show the point you are trying to convey - and the perspective of your tightrope walker is impressive. I like your ADD post. I've been waiting to fill in blank portions of unfinished pages with folks in proportion, but the small vignettes around the page are great as a whole - I think I'll follow suit. When I back up from it, I like the composition and negative space. Like a large x. Great stuff!

Wil said...

Thanks, Dan.

The ADD comes in spurts and sometimes I feel like like drawing an entire spread devoted to one scene and sometimes no (depends on how my caffeine is in my system at that point!)

thanks again for stopping by and commenting.