Monday, November 09, 2009

sketchbook 09/11/09

Took a break from some computer work and sketched at the Bloor Gladstone Library.

I'm kicking myself for not sketching outside because it was such a beautiful day...oh, well.

I mucked the bottom lettering. Was trying to take advantage of the transparent nature of the watercolour to get a duo reading.


Carolina said...

Great, almost photographic, impressive result. How long did it take you? Everything is so detailed and has so much work... I'm amazed... and the lettering is something else, a little something from the designer background, right? just great.
Best regards,

Wil said...

Your comments always are so generous. Thank you very much!

It took me about 2 hours for this guy.
Yeah, the lettering definitely is from my design background. my spreads seem a bit naked without any type to me, so that's why I do it.

Have you heard of an artist named Kurt Holloman. I took cues from him when it came to type. He does it in a more sophisticated manner. You should take a look at his stuff.

raena said...

Two hours that I'm glad you spent this way! I love the feet, so well captured! And maybe the lettering didn't turn out the way you imagined, but at least you experimented with it! Maybe it will lead you to a new technique!

Wil said...

Thanks, Raena. Very true about the experimental mindset. Definitely an avenue I will pursue.