Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ezra's Pound

Well here's another coffee shop. It's called ezra's Pound. Ezra is the owner of the place and well, pound...makes sense.

Took me a few days to finish colouring this image because I didn't feel it. It ended up a bit too finicky.


Kat said...

I rather the love the coloring on this one! Especially the orange-red brickwork at the back :)

Dan Kent said...

The more I see your drawings, the more I want to visit Toronto. Love all of the coffee shops and cafe's! I think this is beautifully drawn, as always, and nicely colored too. I suspect that it's the rather even composition with the person in the exact center of the drawing that keeps you from "feeling love" for the drawing, but, man, it's a great ink and watercolor sketch - the bricks, the surface of the metal in the back, the coffee machines, the girl..all wonderful.

Wilfred said...

Kat, Dan thanks for the comment.

Dan-- I knew posting my drawings online would yield some constructive criticism. Never saw that, but now that you mention it, it probably has something to do with it.

If you ever do come up for a visit, look me up, and we'll have an afternoon of sketching!

raena said...

The top half of this painting is fantastic! The bricks are great--I love it. But, the bar cuts your picture exactly in half, horizontally. I think the bottom half just needed a little more going on. Maybe a guy sitting on one of the barstools or something.

Anonymous said...

Hey - Ezra here - thanks for posting such a great illustration!!! - you really captured the cafe well.