Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sketchbook 01/31/10

A common theme running through these two spreads. They were both drawn while waiting. The cafe was done while waiting for a friend at the Moonbean Cafe and the laptop gentleman was done waiting for my shift to begin.


Catriona said...

Lovely sketches, sometimes pays to stop and wait and watch the world.

Wil said...

Catriona-- certainly does! And that's the part i like the most about sketching in public.

Dan Kent said...

These are just great! Wonderful sketches - I especially like the man on the laptop, but I love how you captured the whole scene in the first one in a sweep. Two questions, Wil: (1) Are you using both black and grey ink? If so, what pens? (2) (okay it's three questions) - I've been really tight lately, not drawing nearly quickly enough in public, any suggestions?

Wilfred said...

Dan-- Miami. What the heck are you doing down there? ;-) My mistake. Your writings make you sound like a really salt of the earth type of guy and I just associate that type of person with the mid-west. sorry if that was a back handed insult to all miamians! (a thousand apologies.)

Answers to questions:
1. I'm actually using a black pen. I guess the grey shades are the lighter areas of hatching that's not really conveyed on a low rez image like the ones i post. The pens are Bic round stic grip, fine tips.
2. hmmm. Well right off the bat, you have a family and that takes up a lot of time. I don't so I take off anytime, anywhere. That helps. But sketching in public isn't a thing i make a conscious effort to do (except for the cafe series) i just have a sketchbook with me at all times and whip it out when the urge hits. i still get a bit nervous pulling it out in the middle of a crowd, but when i get into that sweet zone when it's just me and the drawing, the crowds disappear (i know that's sounds cliché, but it's true)
I had a uni prof who said, take 10 mins. everyday and sketch. that could be during lunch at work, or waiting for your kids to come out from something. i think the opportunities are there for anyone. that's my $0.02 worth. hope that helps.

Wilfred said...

Dan-- dah, a blond moment hit me. Was reading your words but not getting the meaning.
so let me re-answer your question. Loosening up while sketching in public. Tough one. It definitely is a mental thing fo rme. The choice of medium affects the tightness/looseness as well. The pen i use, usually helps me loosen up. I associate it with scribbling in notebooks and so that's the attitude i have when i draw with that. The micron pen is just a tight medium for me. To me it's more permanent than my pen and so i tend to concentrate more and as a result, i want every line to be perfect. Translation: analness to the n-th degree.

Have you tried giving yourself a time limit? say 5 minutes to sketch a scene. That'll quicken up your pace and allow you only to put down what's important. A lot like gesture drawing in figure drawing.

so that's it, dan. perhaps you should ask others. I feel i didn't do your question justice.

raena said...

I love these, you've managed a very nice range of tone! I am getting more comfortable with the ballpoint and find I do prefer it to the microns. I think because it behaves so much like a pencil--being sensitive to pressure. And like you said, I think a bit of psychology comes to play; it's easier to be loose when ballpoints are just meant for scribbling!

Dan Kent said...

I think you gave my comment more than justice - thank you very much for the effort! I am using a Micron pen right now - I love the thin line, but I do believe I want every line to be perfect - what to do? what to do?