Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sketchbook 01/23/10

Some random people that were sitting in my cone of vision when I had my sketchbook out.

To celebrate the sale of my 4 drawings, I treated myself to a bit of dim sum at the Kim-Moon Bakery. This place has been around since I was 10 and is still thriving. It's a cheap, quick place to grab something filling and it holds so many memories for me. The wait staff, regardless of how many have passed through these sumptuous smelling halls of goodness, all have been direct, a bit gruff, women who get to the point and tell you how it is. This is not French dining, folks, it's quick and dirty dim-sum and that's how it should be!

On the celebratory menu was a steamed beef patty and over easy egg on rice, with a side of beef tripe with scallions and ginger and deep fried squid tentacles (or as my friend calls them, the french fries of the sea)


Linisha said...

Ah another nice cafe view! It is always a delight to visit your blog Wil. Your colors are bright and strong and sophisticatedly mature!

Carolina said...

Hi Wil!
mmm, dim sum sounds good... great sketches as usual :) and congrats on selling 4 drawings!!! Well deserved treats (I'd cellebrate with food too hehe)
Best regards,

Dan Kent said...

I am trying to digest this. Deep fried squid tentacles.. You, Wil, are a Gastronomical Giant. And this proves once again that one man's garbage is another man's treasure, since your reward would be torture for me. ;)

Great random sketches - I have simply got to free myself up to do things like this. Maybe I will grab a ball point pen. And you definitely captured the spirit of the place at Kim-Moon (as you describe it). I really like the natural pose of the woman in the middle - like you caught her in the act.

raena said...

I love the way you celebrate, great sketches and great food!!

raena said...

Just a thought, I wonder if the owners of the cafes you draw in would be interested in purchasing from you. When we owned restaurants, I know I would have been interested! You should try to contact the owners and show them what you've done.

Wilfred said...

Linisha-- thanks..not too sure about the sophisticated mature use of colour. Working on it though.

Carolina-- yup dim sum. makes me want to go back there just thinking about it! Any good dim sum places down in your neck of the woods?

Dan-- anything deep fried is good. Now you have to come up to Toronto so I could prove you wrong!

Raena-- I've had a few owners see their respective cafe sketches but none of them have expressed further interest other than a "nice drawing". I also believe my style is not the "in" style. oh well.

raena said...

I think just hand them a card with a link to where they're sold, and maybe.....!

Paul Coventry-Brown said...

I love all these every day scenes, great work Wil :-)

Deep fried squid tentacles, a great favourite of mine while I was living in Japan and natto with raw egg of course.


Wilfred said...

Raena-- thanks for the ideas.

Paul-- thanks for dropping by and commenting. Anything deep fried would be a favourite of mine and yes, Japan holds some great food memories for me as well!