Friday, April 30, 2010

Niche Cafe

i am still amazed at the number of indie cafes in Toronto. Niche Cafe is the latest one I have been to and they served the most amazing green tea with a coconut infusion... had it with a bit of honey... spot on!


Felicity said...

Yum, I think I would have been tempted by that too! I was thinking of you the other day when I went into Starbucks (a rare occurance for me!) and thought about doing a drawing and was overwhelmed with all the details - didn't even attempt it! Nice angle on this one!

Johanna said...

I am absolutely amazed by your café drawings! I keep thinking I will give it a try, but I always give ut before I even start. Any hints on how to get started?

I love your work!

Wilfred said...

Felicity, thanks. I tend to stay away from Starbucks when I'm not working at one. The indie cafes here have so much more character and atmosphere.
However, I'm slightly disappointed you didn't draw it your Starbucks! better yet, any indie cafes in your neck of the woods you'd want to capture on paper and post?

Johanna-- thanks. I like my cafe drawings as well ;)

As for any hints-- zilch, other than grab your favourite beverage, put on your ipod, listen to your favourite tunes, ignore the people and draw. I know for me, when i started this series, it was a bit intimidating sketching in so close proximity to other cafe patrons, but once it gets going and I found my "groove", all the other distractions disappeared.

One other thing. Without fail, every cafe drawing I've done has always started poorly and I was always tempted to stop it but I always keep this saying in mind: "you never taste a chicken when you're in the middle of cooking it. You taste it at the end".

Hope that helps, Johanna and keep me posted about your first cafe drawing!

Dan Kent said...

My Einsteins Bagel's hangout adjoins a Starbucks and over many, many short visits (when I manage to get the right table) I've been drawing it. It's almost done. One woman got up before I was done and she is headless. I need to find the appropriate head "out there". And then color the drawing.

Great advice to Johanna - it's the same for me. And I think of every drawing painting as going through a gangly adolescence before it matures.

But enough about me..this is a great one. Interesting too how it all converges towards the center except your person who if of course the focus. Very effective. So well done as always.

April has almost been a lost month for me. So I had to play catch up. Your posts are all great - high quality.

Wilfred said...

Dan, sorry about the late response.
Just trying to "crank" out more cafe drawings for the art show.

When do i get to see your Starbucks drawing? Have you found the appropriate head yet?

DanahBlair said...

Wilfred this is such a beautiful piece! My girlfriend works at niche and we are almost positive she is the lady in this scene. I was wondering if you still have to original and if you are willing to sell it?

Wilfred said...

Hi Danah,
I'm glad you like it. Yes, the cafe piece is up for sale and currently framed. Please email me (via my contact) and we could discuss this further.


DanahBlair said...

I'm not sure why, but my computer is not letting me view your contact. here is my email: Could you email me more info on the sketch. Thanks :D