Saturday, May 08, 2010

All Things Tea

I did this drawing a few days ago and just finished colouring a few minutes ago. I had fun doing it and found out that the green tea I ordered should be steeped for two minutes in 170ºC water. Well I did just that and it tasted like… green tea. The gentleman in this image was on the first day of his job. The three hours I was there he acquitted himself well with the customers coming in. Good job!

I also continued using the minion pro typeface. Had a hell of a time eyeballing all those letters and I found that it was ok that each letter that was repeated didn't have to be identical to the previously drawn it some character.


Dan Kent said...

I love this one - one of my favorites, for sure. Great lettering too, with the leaves. Wonderful effect.

Wilfred said...

Thanks, Dan. The lettering was fun and frustrating to do, all at the same time.