Thursday, May 13, 2010

sketchbook 05/13/10

Another "micro" drawing for the Sunnyside Art show. I'm getting kinda nervous about the quantity of micro or lack of micro drawings I have Time to turn up the output!


Carolina said...

You'll do just fine... your art rocks!

(me like this one a lot, btw :)

Wilfred said...

Carolina-- thanks, I think i needed to hear that! I really appreciate your continued support of my art via your comments!

raena said...

I just wish I lived somewhere near you so I could go! You'll do great and I think you've got the right idea with providing micro drawings in addition to your watercolors!

This is a really cool page. I like the addition of the colored ballpoints!

Wilfred said...

Raena-- sorry about the lateness in reply. Been running around town drawing up a storm. Thanks so much for your continued support.