Sunday, June 20, 2010

sketchbook 06/20/10

I didn't realize how much energy setting up two shows can drain from me. I didn't have any desire to sketch after the Sunnyside show and I took a lazy man's hiatus after that. However, now that I think about it, as my aikido teacher says, it's at those times when you don't feel like practicing, is when you should be going to practice the most. I guess I slipped on the drawing and I should have been putting down the lines in my sketchbook.

So with that said, this is my first real sketch since that time and hopefully I'll be back on track and uploading something on a daily basis.


raena said...

Great advice. Just keep drawing, even when you're tired! THese are great!

Wilfred said...

I encountered another one of those days! but I soldiered on.
Thanks for commenting! Always appreciate it.