Wednesday, July 21, 2010

sketchbook 07/21/10

Inspired by Dan, I broke out the arcylics that have been sitting in my apartment for a while.

I found a gargoyle on the web and thought it would be an appropriate first subject for my maiden voyage into acrylic paints. This image took a few days for me to get it to this point, and I think it's a bit heavy handed. In fact, the end result looks more like a painting that should have been done in oils because of the dense application of paint to the paper.

The learning curve was massive while I was painting this and I'm sure it's going to keeping on increasing as I continue to paint with acrylics.

I think I also have to invest in some better brushes. The set I used was a beginners set with 4 different types of hog bristles and 3 synthetic ones. The hog ones were falling apart and you could see some of the hairs embedded in the paint. I think I prefer the synthetics. They feel more like the watercolour brushes that I'm used to.


Dan Kent said...

What is it - those that inspire are surpassed by the inspired? This is great!! Wonderful dive into acrylics. It doesn't seem heavy-handed to me. You want a light hand? Do watercolors! PS - Thanks for the nod. :)

raena said...

Fabulous first time out! Much better than my first (and last) which went straight into the garbage can! Though, half my paint tubes said transparent and half said opaque. I bought them as a set, so I'm not sure why they would combine them like that. I wanted opaque to use more like oils as you did here. (I don't know anything at all about acrylic) Well, it's in the trash and I don't have to think about anymore!

Thanks for that advice. You were so right and I feel the cloud lifting already.