Thursday, August 05, 2010

sketchbook 08/05/10

I wasn't happy with the spread I produced of the Toronto Brickworks (the buildings in the background), so I thought I'd try my hand at acrylics again. I keep James Jean's acrylic work in my mind when I use this medium and it's always disappointing when it turns out nothing like his gracefully, light handed paintings. The other thing I have to remind myself whenever I feel down about my acrylic attempts is that he's a artistic god (in my mind) and I am just a mere mortal.


Dan Kent said...

Well I'm a touch behind here (been busy), but your crane from yesterday and the people the day before seem pretty darned close to godlike to me!

I think this one is a great effort. It's difficult to master all media since practice is the name of the game, but there are many aspects here that look mighty fine to me!, like the large face, and the grasses.

Nikira said...

I am also crazy about your Sugar Beach post, I think bits of color work the best for your talent. I Love James Jean, got his latest book. But my favorite by him lines, not that much color.

raena said...

I love James Jean's work, but I'm with Nikira. Though I like it all, his line work is by far my favorite. If I could make one line with the sensitivity that he has!

I think these are wonderful and you are doing so well with the acrylic. How much experience do you have with them? I would not think you are new to them! That girl with the glasses is really good!

Wilfred said...

Dan-- thanks for the words of encouragement.
Nikira-- I agree his line work is amazing. WHich one is his latest book?
Raena--thanks but these are just acrylic doodles in my sketchbook. I need to work on a larger scale. That'll be the true test! I'm in an art show in September and I'll be showing and selling most of my cafe drawings, but i'd like to do a few acrylics to see what the response will be to them.

De Wilde said...

I also love your sugar beach post, the crane drawing is amazing and love the addition of the colour in sections. Maybe its just because the child gets lost as tonally nearly the same as the head behind in your Toronto brickwork blog, still a beautiful sketchbook page!

Nikira said...

The book I was talking about is Process Recess vol.3, the rest is cards and posters. Previous books out of print and used too expensive, few hundred dollars. I hope it would be reprinted, I want his Fables and 2 previous PR. On Twitter he shows his work in progress, also fun to look.
Where would be your show, in Toronto?