Friday, August 13, 2010


Some spreads that I did over a few days...jumping back and forth from one to the other with no rational reason for anything I drew on the two spreads.


Alyse said...

I love sketch books with spreads like this. I think the text and overlapping figures make them so interesting. You are wonderful at drawing people.

Dan Kent said...

Well, I commented on yesterday's post today (and was sort of speechless), but for this spread I can say - darned good! And I love how you bring all the disparate sketches together on the page.

Wilfred said...

Alyse, thanks. I'm using helvetica bold as a base for my type face. I haven't mastered it yet, but it's fun drawing them out.

Dan-- thanks,Dan. My text additions tend to be spur of the moment thoughts, which I find are great page unifiers.