Thursday, September 30, 2010

Acrylic trial

Here's the final painting by itself. Hopefully you could get a closer look at it when it's not group with the other stages.

My first attempt at a full acrylic painting. I included the different stages of its development. I decided today to buy a palette knife, so you could see how that was used on the last stage of this drawing. Although my desire to apply paint with the knife really goes against entire painting, but like I said, it's an experiment.

I have decided to work at a larger scale from this point on so my uploads will be far more infrequent because it just takes more time to complete a larger drawing/painting.


Coreopsis said...

Looks like you've got quite a nice handle on the medium. I really like your pallet knife texture, and the colors.

Dan Kent said...

Coincidentally, I've been doing the same thing - a woman in acrylics and she ain't human yet! 3 sessions and counting. Acrylic sure don't move like watercolors! Good effort.

Wilfred said...

Thanks Coreopsis for the words of encouragement, but truth be known, I'm so far from competent in this medium.

Dan-- thanks. It took me a while to get to this stage and i'm still looking at it and thinking i could work on it a whole bunch. When do I get to see your acrylic trial?

Dan Kent said...

Hmmm, depends. Maybe never at this rate. But I'm stubborn.

Zerlina said...

That's awesome Wil, I think it looks great!

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