Monday, June 11, 2012


Another sketch session at Dufferin Mall. I'm always guaranteed some old men to sketch there and today the perfect model unwittingly posed for me. I called him, "Fernando". Whenever I sketch a man like Fernando who's sitting by himself in a contemplative mood, I tend to make up a back story for him. Is he happy with his life in Toronto? Was he happier in Portugal? Is he proud of his kids and what they're doing with their lives? I guess these questions are the questions I have for my dad with respect to me and my sisters.


. said...

Great sketch and I love the story behind it... I also like people watching and sketching, old men sitting about are great subjects for that... Or in my case last winter, an old lady sleeping on the bus, it was brilliant how she kept sleeping even though there was some wild turns and bumps that made her head move to very funny poses. Your title for the sketch is so fitting, most men like to wait for the wife to do the shopping. Great work!!!

debra morris said...

Great sketches Wil