Monday, November 26, 2012

Figure drawing at the TSA

Yesterday I went to the Toronto School of Art for the open figure drawing class. It's been a while since I drew any nudes and it was nice to scrape the rust off from that part of my brain. The models name was Sidney (Or is it, "Syndey"). She was a great model and held some great, dynamic poses for the 1 minute poses (not shown). I'm sure I'll be back for more figure drawing in the future.

The blue arylic paintings were done in the afternoon session. It was one pose for three hours. Fortunately for me I was able to get in two angles. Unfortunately for Sidney, she had to hold it for the three hours. She dozed off a few times during that pose... who wouldn't!


geraldo roberto da silva said...


Wilfred said...

Thanks, Geraldo!

. said...

Really great sketches, love the once in pencil. She's pregnant? Love it and it brings me back to my school days as one of my favourite models was pregnant too and we all got to follow her as the belly grew and last sitting was with her new baby, it was fantastic and sad part is that I lost them all during my move here to Cad : (

Beautiful work!!!

Wilfred said...

Thanks (.) It was the way she thrust out her belly and my inability to draw her correctly that made her look pregnant. (Is this an awkward moment? ;-P) Thanks though. It looks like I'll have to work on my figure drawing skills.
AS a side note, the TSA was operating for 40 years and it's been about a month now that they surprised announced that they went bankrupt. No more figure drawing at the TSA. sadly