Saturday, October 11, 2014


It's getting cold here in Hogtown, so I'm headed back to my tried, tested and true (and warm) sketching environs of the Bloor Gladstone library.

People sitting by the railing counter at the St. Lawrence Market.

Grandfather and grandson. Kinda creepy that I've depicted my nephew as a toy doll my dad is holding, but I think I nailed it with the other two drawings.

Kensington Market


Mari Brown and Colourblob said...

I lost most of my blog list I followed and I finally found back here. And its as how I remember it before, fantastic drawings from Toronto (I really miss good old hog town).

I have been looking back at your posts I missed, and I'm amazed how many of the people you drew are texting, I noticed that too when I'm out sketching. Great drawings though!!!

Wilfred said...

Thank you, Mari. People get freaked out when they see someone staring at them (they might not know I'm drawing them). So it's good they have something that totally captures their attention. Good for them and good for me!