Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sketchbook 19/07/09

Today I ventured down to the Harbourfront Centre and found Nico and Rachel, two glass artists, creating a piece, in the open air glass studio. It was a treat watching the two work and at some points, the "dance" happened, where one stepped wordlessly around the other and vice a aversa. It was quite hypnotic at times but the heat soon snapped me back to reality. I sketched as quick as I could and added the colour and lettering outside to escape the heat. In this image Rachel is slowly blowing the glass as Nico slowly rolls and shapes the piece.

Well done Nico and Rachel!


raena said...

Your work is fabulous as always, Wil. I'm wondering why you don't have more comments. Do most people comment on Urban Sketchers instead of here? I would think you would have many many more. You are so good!

Wil said...

Hi Rena, thanks for comments and I always appreciate them. Not too sure why I don't get comments either, but it's a gallery of images and people are free to just peruse.