Monday, July 20, 2009

Sketchbook 20/07/09

I went to Cumberland Park today, located in the Yorkville area of the city. A very posh neighbourhood that's frequented by the stars when the Toronto film festival is going on.

I've digressed. The Cumberland park was designed in 1993 by Martha Schwartz, an American landscape designer, who's concept for this unusually long and narrow park was chosen from a short list of 4 design proposals, I believe. Her concept was to represent each major geographical region of Canada through narrow strips of land. The image above is the part representing the Canadian Shield. At the time of construction, there was a massive controversy about the rock, specifically the price that it took to purchase it. However, as you could see, with the passage of years, that memory has faded and it's been known to be a great perch for sleeping, eating meals, climbing or just people watching.

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