Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sketchbook 21/07/09

My daily wandering took me down to the St. Lawrence Market where I knew a plethora of situations would present themselves to me to sketch.

The St.Lawrence is a big barn of a structure that houses independent vendors of all stripes, from fruit sellers to seafood purveyors to cheese vendors. The list is endless, as well as the opportunities to sketch.

So I settled for the Anton Kozlik Mustard shop. They've been in business since 1948, so I suspect their product "cuts the mustard". (OUCH! yes, I did throw that one out there, but fathers the world over will appreciate that joke!) The lady in the drawing, according to Jessica, a talented illustration student at OCAD as well as counter help, informed me that she's the cousin of Anton who continues the family tradition of mustard making. (If you're ever int he neighbourhood, try the samples set on the counter, in particular the horse radish mustard... tongue numbingly hot, but ohhh so worth it.)

I didn't finish colouring the image because I was sitting directly under the cold vent exhaust of a meat locker... there's only so much I will do for my art.


Dan Kent said...

You are just great! I love your ink and watercolor sketches of people, and the environments around them - so well done. I am going to follow you..

Carolina said...

Hey Wil, I love those little jars together and the whole atmosphere, nice!