Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sketchbook 22/07/09

I had a hankering for a tofu bun today, so whenever I do I head over to the Yung Sing Pastry Shop on Baldwin Street.

I was informed by a resident of the area that this shop has been here for 41 years… yes, you heard it right... 41 years! So I can vouch for you that they know how to do a tofu bun right, as well as har gow, sesame seed buns, woo gok and countless other treats.

The same man, who's lived in this area for his entire life said that this area was originally a ghetto with a large Jewish population which slowly evolved into a hippie haven, mainly from the American draft dodgers in the 70's. It was at this time that the Pastry shop opened up along side the second hand clothing shops.

Slowly the second hand shops were taken over by restaurants and that's how these two blocks of Baldwin Street looks presently.


Carolina said...

Interesting bits of history, that enriches so much this sketch... thanks for sharing :)

geraldo roberto da silva said...

Nice work!
Nice blog!

Jessica Mundell said...

I love the white tree! Your sketchbook is fantastic.

Wil said...

Carolina, Geraldo, Jessica. Thank pyou all for your comments.