Friday, September 18, 2009

sketchbook 03/09/09

Ok, so I received James Jean's latest book, Process Recess 3, The Hallowed Seam. It's a gorgeous collection of select pages from his sketch books. In fact, it's his work that inspired me to start drawing in a serious way with a regular ball point pen. Anyways, as an ode to him, I put away my micron pen and pulled out my papermate and sketched the interior of Wanda's Pie in the Sky Cafe, a place I sketched previously. As a side note, I had a delicious slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream and a nice dark coffee. Yum!


Dominic said...

I stumbled across your blog some days ago and
i realy enjoyed seeing your sketches and reading the little stories you add to them.
There is one thing i want to ask you:
How long does it take you to draw a sketch like that?
On the picture from this day i would draw like an hour, maybe more, which is not that bad, because your drawing a lifeless object.
But if you want to draw e.g. someone on the subway, you likely don't have the time to do it.
So it's astonishing that you can draw a recognizable face in this little time.

Hope to see much more of your art.
Greetings from germany

Wil said...

Hi Dominic,
thanks for stopping by.
I usually take about an hour to two hours for an image Like this. It depends on how detailed I want it to be. For this particular drawing, It took a little over two hours.

Dan Kent said...

Well I'd always wondered that too - makes me feel a bit better. Great drawing, as always! You really know how to capture a sense of place.

Ian Moore said...

Hey, just wanted to say your works awesome, its impressive how well you capture details of a location (and the people in it). It's motivated me to do more 'onsite' sketchbook work. Anyway keep up the good work, oh and thanks for checkin out my blog!

Kat said...

I love the little paper order "tree" on the left side of the picture, so cute! hehe. Wonderful sketch!
Thanks for checking out my blog :D

Carolina said...

I love this one! Love all the detail you've included, the plastic bag, the perfectly drawn chairs, the "order tree", the lamps, the bottles on the background...
Best regards,