Sunday, September 20, 2009

sketchbook 20/09/09

I didn't realize how much energy it takes to draw daily. I took yesterday off and it felt pretty good. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy drawing, and this is what I think I was meant to do, but damn, it's pretty energy consuming. However, I think like anything I want to do well, I have to practice. So I got back to drawing today.

Today I attended the West Queen West Art Crawl, a art show held in Trinity Bellwoods Park for the last 7 years. Artists of all stripes were selling their work during this two day event and I was totally impressed (and a bit disheartened) to see so many talented artists who call Toronto their home town.

However, in the background there was music constantly being played and I found out it was Mr. Something Something playing live, literally on Queen West. The group occupied two parking spaces along the street which they paid for and played for the Trinity Bellwood's crowd. Despite, the constant car and street car traffic that drove between the group and the audience, they were putting out an amzing energy. Front man Johan Hultqvist was a spastic (in a good way) dancer who engaged the audience and passing cars, when stopping for a red light, alike. Unfortunately my drawing fails to capture the energy of the afternoon. But you get the idea of what was happening.


Dan Kent said...

Well it looks like a festival to me! I like the focus on the band and the suggestion of the crowd and everything else, and the gradual reduction of color. Nicely done!

Nikira said...

I like the composition and loose style of the drawing.

raena said...

I agree with both Dan and Nikira. And also like your lettering! Did you have a large group? I only had one other person but it seems like we did a whole lot of talking and only a little sketching.

Wil said...

Thanks, Raena!
I didn't realize it was the sketch crawl until after the fact.
The "Art Crawl" was the name of the the art show happening in Trinity Bellwoods park.