Wednesday, September 09, 2009

sketchbook 09/09/09

Sketching at Dufferin Mall today and I forgot how many older, retired gentlemen go there and chew the fat with each other. Prime sketching territory.


raena said...

It may FEEL like a rut, but it certainly doesn't look like one from my perspective! If this were on flickr, I would be putting boxes over all the parts I think you've done perfectly! Like the gesture of the man pointing behind him with his thumb, or the facial expression of the guy to his left. I think this is done very well, and it's in ink, which I would probably never have the nerve to try when out in public!

Dan Kent said...

Wow - this is a great drawing. I have three observations: 1. I agree with Raena - this may be a rut for you, but for me it'd be a hellova day! 2. You seem to have so many interesting places to sketch in Montreal (I'm still remembering many of your older posts too). After global warming is complete (when there are palm trees), I'll have to move there. 3. Are the men at the table talking about the hot chick with the walker? :)

Dan Kent said...

Whoops - Toronto.

Wil said...

Thanks, all.
Raena, that man was a toughy. Stand up, sit down. Up. down...geeez. But it was fun trying to get him on paper.

Dan, thanks, I think I'm slowly getting out of it. Interesting place, maybe, but I keep on reminding myself, if i'm sitting, i'm sketching. Fortunately, when my butt decides to sit, there happens to be some action in front of me.

Your comments have really encouraged me to keep on "mule-ing" it. Thanks.

Here's a really inspiring link I posted on my flickr account:


Alexis said...

i'm delighted that we have the same stomping grounds! i swear i recognize some of these faces - there's always the same tribe of old men in the food court.

Wil said...

Alexis. Thanks for stopping by. I really enjoy going there I sketching some of these men.