Thursday, September 10, 2009

sketchbook 10/09/09

I keep on passing Old City Hall, and I've always wanted to go in and check out the scene. This is where all the court cases are held and I thought it'd be a good opportunity to sketch... afterall, I do have a "captive" audience... (ouch, I just threw a "father" joke out there). The image I drew shows an undercover detective on the witness stand recounting how he set up a drug bust. Two men were were held for intent to traffic cocaine. Apparently, I caught the tail end of this cross examination from the accuseds' lawyer, which carried over from yesterday as well as three hours today. The lawyer went over every minute detail and I didn't realize how boring this was. Hollywood certainly has distorted reality.

Also, note to self: turn cell phone off unless you want a lecture from the judge and stares from everyone else.

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raena said...

LOL! I served on a jury once and had to endure the boredom! And, oh my gosh, I don't know what I would have done if my cell phone had gone off! Great sketches! And I like the idea of having a captive audience to draw!