Monday, September 14, 2009

sketchbook 14/09/09

Today I had planned to go to a gallery a friend recommended, but they were closed and I found myself in the Yorkville area of the city. At this particular time of year, The Toronto International Film Festival is running, and this area is a known place for celebrity viewing. So why not! I returned to the Yorkville/Cumberland park and perched myself on the mammoth rock and sketched people from above. I did a previous sketch of the rock which you could view here.

As I was sketching a group of "kids" walked by the base of the rock and I heard my name called. It was Nadia. She was a former classmate and now professor of a studio group at the U of T's Faculty of Landscape Architecture. Ohhh, how we all grow up! Unfortunately, the "kids" didn't hold still for me, so they were left out of the final drawing.

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