Friday, September 25, 2009

sketchbook 25/09/09

As serendipity would have it, I was grabbing a drink with a friend right by the St.Lawrence Market tonight, so as sketching habit dictates, I went down a few hours earlier and sketched. I happened to find another like minded person and decided to sketch her while she was sketching a fish (i think). I never did get the opportunity talk to her because she left before I finished my drawing, but if mame, you do happen to stumble onto this blogger account and you are reading this, I thank you for not freaking out and being a perfect model for me.


raena said...

Sorry, that was me that deleted!

Great sketch! I love that we can see out the window! And wow, we all dream of having models like that!

Dan Kent said...

I really like this one! Love the meat case. The figure, the chairs, the table, the sign - great!

I have yet to see anyone else in Miami sketching.

Wil said...

Thanks you both. I had a fun time doing it, however, I wasn't too sure how the lady would react when I started. She was a trooper.

DIFFER said...

Hi Will!
I was the girl that took you a picture while you were painting this sketch. You can see your picture at:

and here

I'll send you the others pics by mail.

Nice to meet you!!! I love your

DIFFER said...