Sunday, September 27, 2009

sketchbook 27/09/09

Today was Toronto's Word on the Street. It's a books and magazine festival where authours, publishers and independents sell their books and magazines. It's also where authors have book readings of their most recent work. What was new this year, was the demo kitchen and this was where I drew this image of Marilyn Smith, a cookbook author, who demonstrated how to make chocolate chip muffins, a recipe in her most recent cookbook. She was informative with a lot of nutritional facts but also hilarious. She made the 45 minutes zoom by.

As a side note, due to the limited time that each author had on stage, it gave me a reason not to be so uptight about everything I put on the page. It simply was a case of slapping lines down and trying to get enough information down to convey what the space was like.

The crowd from above. Inevitably I attempt to draw every figure. Not the smartest approach to drawing crowds. I'll have to learn a better method of drawing large groups of people.

Author John Bemrose, reading an excerpt from his most recent book, "The Last Woman". I'm not a big literary reader, so he and his book were news to me, but it did give me a chance to sketch a person.

My father. He's the hardest person I've ever tried sketching and I'm still not happy with these images. I guess it's because I know what he looks like intimately and anything out of place in these images really is blown up in my mind.


Kat said...

These are wonderful sketches! I particularly like those of your dad! The multiple sketches on top of each other make it look like an artsy animation! And I totally know what you mean by loved ones being hard to draw! I have the exact same problem trying to draw my mum! :D

Wil said...

thanks for the visit. Did you finally get your mom down on paper to your satisfaction?

The best I could do is get up to his place more often and keep on drawing him.

Dan Kent said...

I am so impressed with your sketches - every year we have the Miami Book Fair here, so now I know what I will be doing there this year. Used to be I just listened to the authors. Anyway, I'm with Kat, the detailed sketches of your dad are fabulous, not to mention every other sketch on that page.

raena said...

Wonderful sketches and a very productive venue for you! I actually like the crowd scene very much! I think you done a great job of giving the scene depth with the diminishing size of them. (it's all perspective, I know, but you've done it very convincingly!)

Wil said...

Dan, Raena Thanks for your comments.

Dan-- for me, every where I go now is a potential sketching opportunity. However, I still have to get over the shy factor sketching in the close quarters of a subway... the battle continues! ;-)

Raena, thanks, the crowd turned out pretty good, but there were tons more people, and I was just too tired to sketch them.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

WoW. Fantastic. Powerful sketches.